ow—embodying git

  • 2016
  • mfa
  • thesis
  • research
  • writing
  • graphic design

This is a brief and very partial documentation of the Master Thesis project, because I am in the process of editing, updating and re-working out all the material I presented at the Sandberg Instituut Graduation Show, on June 2016.

For the graduation project of the two year MFA Designing Democracy Master Programme (Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam), I presented an installation piece composed of:

  1. a Google Chrome Extension called ow— drawing-cursor, that when used, invisibly records the cursor’s movements of a user and let them see the result of their interactions in the form of drawings, re-inforcing a sense of uselessness in tracking everything while shifting the position of agency between human user and computer;
  2. a video interview 1 with philosopher and writer Federico Campagna, expanding the project’s inquiry from labour on the internet, to questions about the shift toward universal basic income-based societies, the relationship between the human and the machinic, and what work does mean nowadays.
  3. a zine compiling some extracts from the thesis essay ow—Labour in a Post-work, Posthuman society 2.

  1. I am working on a new, completely re-arranged version of the video—therefore it is not on view at the moment. 

  2. This is the full thesis, which I am currently revising before publishing it in a more convenient format. 

  • 00

    Interview with Federico Campagna. Higher Resolutions—Designing Democracy Graduation Show, Sandberg Instituut, June 2016, Amsterdam.

  • 01

    ow—Drawing Cursor, example #01: interface.

  • 02

    ow—Drawing Cursor, example #02: outcome.