• 2015
  • mfa
  • thesis
  • writing
  • podcast

As digital labour is advancing and self-tracking technologies are becoming integral and almost tedious tasks of, for example, a programmer’s job, how are they affecting workers? How do they (de-)inform them?

ow_draft--1 is a text, part manifesto and part collection of self-help tips, which gives a sketch of git and github.com technologies. git is a version-control system which keeps track of every change made to a file.

The project focuses on the (political) potentialities of the documentation-text (alas the readme file) present in each git-based project: which kinds of ethics circulate in these spaces?

As a companion to the written manifesto, I also converted each section of the text into an audio track, using built-in text-to-speech technologies part of macOS.

ow_draft--1—text-to-speech acts, then, as the podcast version of the github's readme file, reiterating over and over the same rules and tips to the user who is going to listen to it.

As a preliminary sketch to the bigger research project ow—embodying git, ow__draft--1 helped me to test the basic elements of my inquiry out: usership, labour, and self-tracking, collaborative tools in the context of the internet.