Transcript of what's going on.

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  • Did not update since March of last year, but some things happened!

    I graduated from the Sandberg Instituut, went to Hackers & Designers summer school (see gofish!), had a three-month internship at Jakub Straka and now I am figuring out how to freelance in Amsterdam (see /work). Focusing on building pleasant and stimulating mesh networks.

  • Update website to version v2.5:

    • simplified and updated css
    • new home
    • add favicon (at least for now)
    • moved from andrefincato.com to andrefincato.info

    To do:

    • simplify css even more
    • adopt BEM for naming css classes
    • add search function to ow's blog, like in here
    • fix problem with unicode characters conversion into emoji (for example on iOS)
  • Finally built myself a small repository of images → ☀︎

  • Preview of upcoming small performance for a friend's midterm research presentation at Sandberg's Critical Studies programme.

    Taking place on Tuesday, December 15th at 2pm.

    YO: was sick with fever and bleeding gums the whole week (December 14th–20th) so couldn't take part, but Ivan was able to make it anyway cause he's great.

    epigraph figuring (from a distance) w/ andre fincato as celine --- 2pm dec 15th

  • Arachne has been featured, up to now, in:

  • Arachne has an interview on dis magazine: Dorothy talks about the behind-the-scene of the project.

  • Launch of arachne.cc, a webzine about "the relationship of mythology to the internet."

    Collaboration with Dorothy Howard.

  • Added piwik—an alternative to Google Analytics—once again. Not sure about it, as I was a couple of months ago, but maybe a bit more useful now.

  • Through the project gilda.xyz, Serena Osti and me have been invited to take part in one of the discussion tables of Forum dell'Arte Contemporanea Italiana, the main Italian Forum on the state of Contemporary Art in Italy.

    We will bring our contribution to the panel focused on the act of recognising the value of the cultural work as a proper, real job—meaning, first of all, decent wages.

    See you in Prato during the 25th, 26th and 27th of September.

  • Launch of ow, a log to keep track, document and reflect on the research project and master thesis I'm doing at the Sandberg Istituut, MFA Designing Democracy.

    I've also set up a new git repository to be used as the main folder of the project, here — https://github.com/afincato/ow.

    I want to git everything I touch (and have to find ways to make non-textual files easily traceable as well—pdfs, mp3s, etc).

    [here, here]

  • Presented salvaschermo, a workshop-based small project part of the activities of the Master Thesis I'm doing at the Sandberg Instituut.

  • Launch of gilda.xyz, an online & offline platform for Italian visual artists' rights.

  • Updated Currently in log.

  • Re-added the sitemapmodule and set it up with google web analytics, cause the search still shows the old cached site.

    After deep embarrassment and profound confusion, I edited the first paragraph of the about section in home. Now it's much better.

  • Replaced piwik with google analytics (ssl certificate missing on the server), then deleted google analytics and also the sitemap submitted to google webmaster tools.

    Launch of the site, version 0.9.
    Added sitemap for being consumable on google, implemented some small fixes.

    Validation of the site with W3C's tools. Small fixes all around. General list of things to refactor in the next review (e.g. better css class name and automatic vendor prefixes).

  • Implemented piwik as web analytics tool. Updated content in the aside section of log and about.

  • Added an aside column to both the log page and the notes page—this last section still in development.

  • General review of all texts, especially in the projects section.

    To do:

    • implement video.js for html 5 videos instead of relying on vimeo (just for very small videos ~500kb).
  • Preparing for the launch of the node, now approximately at version 0.8.

    Some work-in-progress sections are hidden for the moment (notes, eyes), since I’m either still trying to build it (eyes) or preparing some material to publish through it (notes).

    In general the site is more or less put together.